We are represent of Turkish Marble.
We are ready in Turkey to assist you on the way of doing stone business, help you solving problems and removing questionmarks for everything about stone and business in Turkey.

Working as your representative / agent in Turkey.
* Finding the most suitable suppliers/factories/quarries for you according to your needs.
* Detailed price/quality analyses for similar stone kinds from different suppliers.
*Arranging and scheduling shipments.
*Get special discounts from the suppliers for you.
*Import, export and custom requlations in Turkey.

Detailed factory/quarry reports. (Machine parks, capacity, quality, number of employers, pictures, etc.)

Consult on your problems and claims to the suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us for your any needs in Turkish marble / travertine / stone market.

If you are planning to buy marble, travertine or natural stone from Turkey or if you are already buying stone from Turkey but having difficulties on contanting with the suppliers, prices, qualities and more or searching for different products; we may help you in Turkey.

We are very experienced in stone market in Turkey especially on travertine and marble but also other natural stones.

Let us be your agency and develop your business in Turkey.

Why? For not have to deal with several companies, not to visit Turkey to find suppliers, not o spend lots of money, not to sleep with questionmnarks on your mind about qualities, quantities and selections.

What we do?

*We search and find the most suitable suppliers / factories / quarries for you accourding to your needs.
*We supply detailed price / quality  analyses for similar stone kinds from different suppliers.
*We arrange and schedule the shipments.
*We get special disconuts from the suppliers.
*We have 100% lowest price quarantee from most suppliers.
*We take care of all your productions in Turkey.

1. You have to register to first if you have not yet. IT IS FREE
2. You give us detailed information about your company by filling the be agency form.
3.We contact to you on the phone and meet on the phone, know each other better talk about business, see what we can do together...
4. After that we send you an agreement by fax that will be your agency in Turkey and sign the agreement counterwise.
5.Then, you ask we do... Start working..

Sometimes, you may face with unexpected and inconvinience situations with the suppliers and you may need to claim the suppliers.

We are here ready to help you with our experienced lawyers and we take steps legally for you in Turkey in order to finalize your claims and your problems.

Please contact us for your any needs and questions.