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We are manufacture of Turkish Marble, our new White Marble Quary in Afyon province.

We have been active in the marble sector since 2004 offering our own as well as exclusive ranges of marble, travertine, onyx and stone products. Our company specializes in finding rare and precious materials and supplying quality products at the best prices for project work and large scale installations.
We have our own geologists in the field selecting product from quarries where our affiliated operation companies manage production based an market demand.

Our range of exclusive products includes ; Light Emparador, Cappicino, Light Beige, Noche Travetine, Onyx.

Our main activity is to cut slabs and find rough block marble for each of our clients according to their demands.

We offer our client needs a marble blocks, slabs and cut to size from quarries under the control of each side inspectors.
We have direct trading agreements over hundereds of quarries where located different parts of Turkey.

We bring our clients to the quarries and let them select their needs from pre selected rough blocks, which has controled by our inspectors before their final inspection.

We are following transportaion from quarry to nearest FOB port, observing all the loading operation in to the 20" Box Containers and sending the necessary documents to the beneficiaries bank under the request of our clients.

ANKAMER is offering you the safety and reliability of the L/C payment term. All of our shipment based on FOB conditions and their international rules.
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